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                                                              Indonesia Sumatra Lintong Grade #1 TP, Japan Prep.   

                                                                                Kuda Mas (Golden Pony)



 This coffee is the “Gran Cru” of Indonesia. This extra special Japanese Preparation coffee is a heavyweight beauty.  This coffee has a deep luscious, exotic taste and a smooth, clean aftertaste.  A richness in its flavor that makes the coffee drinker completely satisfied.  The Sumatra coffee has an incomparable, rich and long-lasting taste with a slight hit of chocolate which shows it advantage with whole milk.   




                         Recommend Roast: Bold/Medium         Aroma: Pleasant         Flavor: Smooth/ Rich

                         Appearance: Clean                                Body: Rich                Fragrance: Fresh




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The most important coffee producing regions are found on the Islands of Java, Sumatra,

Sulawesi (the former celebes) and Timor.  The cultivation of coffee in Indonesia has a 300 years history; which is closely related to the Dutch colonial rule.   The “Lintong“ and  coffee originated from Sumatra which is located in the West end of the archipelago.  This coffee differs substantially in the regional source and the color.


Lintong coffees are named after region Lintong where they are grown,  This region is in the province North-Sumatra.  Both have a distinctive jade-like green color.  In the direct comparison the Lintong is slightly darker partially with a shade of blue.  Normally this coffee is carefully screened and due to this sorting the resulting roast and cup is more homogeneous than the Mandheling coffee.   The Lintong taste a little bit finer and milder.

After Independence the plantations throughout Indonesia either came under the control of the new government or were abandoned. Today close to 92% of coffee production is in the hands of small farmers or cooperatives.

In January 2007, The World Widlife Fund (WWF) Indonesia reported that land was illegally cleared for coffee farming in Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park on Sumatra Island. The protected park is home to endangered tigers, elephants and rhinos, and WWF predicts that these species will be extinct in a decade should the clearing and farming continue. WWF states that the illegal coffee is sold to Western companies such as Nestle and Kraft Foods.