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BlackGold Coffee Company is micro coffee roasting company located in the area of beautiful Chamblee, GA.    The company is locally owned and operated and not controlled or connected to a out of state corporation or franchised.  We believe that supporting small local businesses is very important for our  local economy and take pride in offering fresh roasted coffee to our customers and small businesses.   We take the time to select the best coffee from each selective coffee region of the world and never rush.   We select the best coffee and always select coffee from co-operatives, plantations or brokers  who participate in fair trade  price.  We never buy in large quantities, thus our green coffee beans are fresh and not stale.  


We offer a selective choice of coffee and focus on the quality of good coffee and not the quantity of selections.  We offer fresh green coffee beans for home roasters and our decaffeinated coffee has the aroma and taste of regular coffee but without the caffeine.  We also promote fair market prices for our coffee.  We are not in the business of charging high coffee prices because the customer demand is high.  We offer our coffee at a fair market price; thus you may notice that our prices are lower that the majority of other coffee roasters.  You can still make a profit and offer coffee at a reasonable price.


We also offer non-profit organizations (churches, schools) the opportunity to sell fresh roasted coffee under their own private label and coffee blend for fund raising vents.  Contact us and we will be glad to work with you on creating a successful and fun fund raising events.


We believe in informing the public the good and the bad about coffee through the CoffeeBean Chronicles weekly blog.  Read the latest news about coffee at    The CoffeeBean Chronicles offers information about the current situation of coffee around the world, historical information, myths and facts about coffee and of course wonderful recipes.


 If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us:


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                                                                    Fresh Roast...Fresh Coffee...Fair Price

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Fresh Roast... Fresh Coffee... Fair Price