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Brazil Santos                                      Trade Mark: Santos

This coffee is a favorite in Europe.  Brazil Santos is known as Brazil’s “Green Gold” and has a strong, rich flavor but with a medium body taste.  Some say this coffee has a rich flavor with a little chocolate aftertaste.  This coffee is good for people who love the taste of a bold, strong coffee.  

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Colombia Supremo                              Trade Mark: Versalles Popayan

This coffee has a rich flavor that literally melts in your mouth.  A big, bold cup of coffee with a full body taste and strong aroma.  Many  coffee drinkers prefer this coffee  as their first cup of the day because of  “eye awakening” taste and aroma.  This is a coffee for espresso.

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Costa Rica SHB EP Estate Tarrazu    Trade Mark: La Pastora

This coffee is considered a “classical coffee” in the coffee world.  It has a sweet aroma, full body and a clean aftertaste.  Some say they taste a nutty aftertaste yet others taste a little bit of rich chocolate in the aftertaste.  This is a another great coffee from  Costa Rica and it is hard to play favorites between Costa Rica SHP EP and this coffee.     

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Guatemala SHB EP Estate Antigua    Trade Mark: Los Volcanes

The “Gran Cru” coffee of Guatemala.  One of the very best coffee of Guatemala.  This coffee offers an unique blend of acidity, deep body taste and a wonderful aroma with lots of flavor.  This coffee is well balanced in taste and aroma and a smooth rich aftertaste.  Coffee drinkers who live strong coffee and those who love medium coffee will love this coffee.  Strong or medium; it makes a great cup of coffee.

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