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                                                                                  Brazil Cerrado - Cooxupe, Claro Mar



 Brazil  Cerrado is a smooth, pleasant coffee, rich in flavor but not too strong.  It is considered a very  well balanced coffee for an afternoon break. It has a deep rich taste,with little aftertaste.  This coffee is a favorite among coffee drinkers who like a good cup of  coffee that is not too strong but not too weak in taste.  The coffee is an excellent choice for afternoon espresso.




                          Recommend Roast:  Bold                        Aroma: Pleasant            Flavor: Medium

                          Appearance: Balanced and Rich                Body:  Light                 Fragrance: Rich  & Nutty 




                    Coffee drinkers who drink this coffee may enjoy: Costa Rica SHB EP Estate Tarrazu       Columbia Supermo

                                                                                                                                     Indonesia Sumatra Lintong                    Brazil Daterra Boubon

 The Cerrado is a vast tropical savanna eco region of  Brazil, covering 740,000  square miles.  The Cerrado is characterized by an wide range of plants and animal bio diversity.  It is considered the richest savanna in the world.  This region produces 59% of  Brazilian coffee.  The climate is hot and semi-humid.  More that 1600 species of mammals, birds and reptiles live in this region.  


**There are about 180 reptile species, 113 amphibians, 837 birds species and 195 mammals.


**(World Wildlife Federation)