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                                                                                  Brazil Santos - Santos  



 Brazil Santos is considered a favorite in Europe.  This coffee is know as Brazil's "Green Gold" and has a rich flavor, pleasant  aroma but with a medium body.  Grown in the state of Sao Paolo, where young bushes produce small curly Bourbon Santos beans. The Brazil Santos is ideal for those who love exceptional body with low acidity in their cup.  This coffee is a wonderfully  deep,  complex, sweet coffee particularly appropriate for espresso.




                          Recommend Roast: Medium  or Bold       Aroma: Pleasant/Mild        Flavor: Medium/Semi-Strong  

                          Appearance: Balanced and Rich                Body: Medium                  Fragrance: Rich 




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Santos has the biggest seaport in Latin America, which traded over 72 million tons in 2006; is a significant tourist centre; has large industrial complexes and shipping centres, which handle a large portion of the world's coffee exports; as well as a number of other Brazilian exports including steel, oil, cars, oranges, bananas and cotton. The city also displays the Coffee Museum, where, once, coffee prices were negotiated.  A market name for a category of high-quality coffee from Brazil, usually shipped through the port of Santos, and usually grown in the state of Sao Paulo or the southern part of Minas Gerais State.