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                                                                  Colombia Supremo 17/18 - Versalles Popayan  



Colombia Supremo 17/18 is a bright appearance coffee with a cocoa finish for which Colombian coffee is famous.   It is very rich in flavor with a little sweetness and a good strong aroma.  Common supermarket coffee is mostly Colombian  coffee of  lower quality and ground, so it is not fresh and has an acceptable taste.  Fresh Colombian coffee is rich in flavor  with a cocoa finish or aftertaste.  If you are a coffee drinker who likes a good balanced cup of coffee, this coffee is for you.  When Colombian coffee is freshly roasted it has a bright acidity, is heavy in body and is intensely aromatic.



                                                                          Coffee from this country is also available as  Decaf.




                              Recommend Roast: Bold/French Roast      Aroma: Strong        Flavor: Medium  

                             Appearance: Balanced and Rich                  Body: Heavy           Fragrance: Rich and Cocoa 




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 Economy is mainly based on the harvest of coffee. Coffee was first introduced

to the country of Colombia in the early 1800s. The cultivar of coffee with trade

purposes started since 1835 in Salazar de las Palmas, Norte de Santander and

during all the XX century was the main product of exportation in Colombia.

In 1999 represented 3,7% of the national income and 37% of the sources of

employment. The Colombian coffee, also known as Colombian Mild is

characterized by its soft interior. It is produced only with crops of Coffee Arabica

of several varieties.

The Colombian Coffee-growers Federation, often abbreviated Fedcafé,

is a non-profit business association, popularly known for its "Juan Valdez"

marketing campaign. The federation was founded in 1927 as a business

cooperative that promotes the production and exportation of Colombian coffee.

It currently represents more than 500,000 producers, most of whom are small

family owned farms.  Colombian Coffee is a protected designation of origin

granted by the European Union (September 2007)  that applies to the coffee

produced in Colombia.  The Colombian coffee has been recognized worldwide

as having high quality and distinctive taste. The main importers of Colombian

coffee are United States, Germany, Japan, Holland and Switzerland.