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                                                             Decaf.  Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling Grade #1                                                                            





Indonesia Sumatra  Mandheling Grade #1  is one of the finest traditional Arabia coffees from northern Sumatra.  The coffee is a very intense coffee with a wonderful taste of spices, and the richness of sweet dark chocolate.  This is a very  busy  coffee when it comes to taste.    At one time, you will taste cinnamon

and then dark chocolate will burst out onto the forefront of your palette.  This is a coffee that is robust in taste but has a good balance and low acidity and is

great as espresso.  Milk and cream complements the coffee with loss of flavor.  The decaffeinated version of the coffee is just as good as the regular roast, you will not be disappointed..



                         Recommend Roast: Bold//French Roast        Aroma: Pleasant         Flavor: Smooth/ Rich

                         Appearance: Clean                                        Body: Rich                Fragrance: Spice





                  Coffee drinkers who drink this coffee enjoy: Decaf. Guatemala Vintage Antigua       Indonesia Sulawesi

                                                                                                                Decaf Costa Rica SHB EP                  Kenya Grade AA


The most important coffee producing regions are found on the Islands of Java, Sumatra,

Sulawesi (the former celebes) and Timor.  The cultivation of coffee in Indonesia has a 300 years history; which is closely related to the Dutch colonial rule.  This coffee differs substantially in the regional source and the color.

Mandheling is named after the similarly spelled Mandailing people located in North Sumatra, Indonesia.  The name is the result of a misunderstanding by the first foreign purchaser, and no coffee is actually produced in the "Mandailing region".  This coffee was once thought to be lost to the world due a series of calamities starting with the downfall of the Dutch East Indies Trading Company,  the Leaf Rust epidemic in the 1880's and  political confrontations including WWII.


It is the Dutch coffee and spice traders who are responsible for originally establishing the region's reputation in 1835 with the intention of exporting premium coffee for The Dutch East India Trading Company. This coffee was so highly valued in Europe that it guaranteed the Dutch a complete monopoly on the global coffee trade for over 200 years.


The coffee is grown by small coffee farmers without shade and without chemicals of any kind, so you may say that the coffee is organic in nature.


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