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Brazil Daterra Bourbon                     Trade Mark: Cerrado-Mogiana

Brazil Daterra Bourbon Collection is a blend of the finest red and yellow Bourbon coffee beans.  Its pronounced sweet acidity is reminiscent of a perfectly  developed wine.  Fine acidity and rich, well balanced taste makes this coffee a morning favorite.  Its aftertaste is delicate and clean.  This coffee has a wonderful,  rich, intense taste and is a good selection for espresso.


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        Trade Certification: RainForest Alliance                                              Buy  Green Beans...

        Organic Certification: Environmental Preservation EsalQ University of São Paulo


Costa Rica Hacienda Rio Negro                        Trade Mark: San Vito

This coffee is very rich in taste and will never disappoint you.   The coffee has a delicate rich taste.  You will love this coffee cold because it does not lose it taste.  This coffee is never out of balance and even holds it taste and sweetness even when it is cold.   One of the best for making ice coffee.


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       Trade Certification: RainForest Alliance                                                   Buy  Green Beans...



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