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                                                                             Tanzania Highland Peaberry - Mt. Elgon




This coffee is rich in body and not too acidic.  This coffee is good as a bold or french roast coffee.  The coffee is a full body coffee and some drinkers say that they taste a little bit of a spice aftertaste.  Tanzania Peaberry coffee is coming to be well known in North America and is considered an any time coffee.  This coffee is not light weight in taste or in aroma and is one of the hidden treasures of the coffee world.  Don’t let the size of the coffee beans fool you; these small coffee beans pack a  wonderful coffee punch.



                              Recommend Roast: Medium              Aroma: Light                         Flavor: Rich/Spice

                              Appearance: Clean                             Body: Medium                      Fragrance: Fresh




     Coffee drinkers who drink this coffee enjoy: Guatemala SHB EP Estate Antigua     Indonesia Sulawesi   

                                                                                                 Ethiopia Yirgatheffe                            Kenya Grade AA

 Agriculture is the foundation of the Tanzanian economy. It accounts for about half of the national income, three quarters of merchandise exports and is source of food and provides employment opportunities to about 80 percent of Tanzanians. It has linkages with the non-farm sector through forward linkages to ago-processing, consumption and export; provides raw materials to industries and a market for manufactured goods.

Coffee is Tanzania’s largest export crop. It contributes approximately $115 million to export earning, and provides employment to some 400,000 families.  About 95 percent of coffee is grown by small farmers on average holdings of 1–2 hectares, and 5 percent is grown on estates.   Tanzania produces about 800,000 60-kilogram bags, or 0.7 percent of world output of 117 million bags. About two-thirds is mild Arabia, and the rest is hard Arabia and robusta. Arabia coffee are grown in the Arusha and Kilimanjaro regions of the North and the Mbeya and Ruvuma regions of the South. Robustas are produced in the lake zone — mainly the Kagera region.  Almost all of Tanzania’s coffee production is exported, and all exported coffee must be marketed through the Moshi auction.